Journey announces their new members, and are not about anyone

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First public appearance of Journey with their new components

The band’s california-based melodic rock has announced the addition of bassist Randy Jackson and the battery Narada Michael Waldenthat come to occupy the vacant positions of two members historical as are Can See Ross Valory and Steve Smith.

However, in the case of Randy Jackson, his relationship with Journey dates back in time, as they already formed part of their campus between 1985 and put the bass on the recording of the album ‘Raised on the Radio’ (1986), precisely the one that has not had the competition of his predecessor in the post Randy Jackson.

For his part, Walden is a reference of the sticks and also of the production, a field in which he has worked with Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey or Aretha Franklin and in which he managed to Grammys in the category of “producer of the year” in 1987, in the category of “album of the year” for his work on the soundtrack of “The Bodyguard” (‘The bodyguard’) and in the section of “song R&B of the year” by “Freeway Love” by Aretha Franklin. Land close to the rock, has worked alongside Jeff Beck or Elton John.

“Journey is an unstoppable force in constant change. This is a chapter that is completely new to us and I’m desenado to get in it!”stated the guitarist of the band and the only founding member remaining, Neal Schon.

The debut before the public of new learning Journey took place on the 23rd of may, when the chain of american television MSNBC issued a version of the classic “Don’t Stop Believing” interpreted from the social distance by its members, in the framework of the program benefit UNICEF We Won’t Stop”. In the video, by the way, there appeared a new member is not officially announced, Jason Derlatka, to keyboards and backing vocals.


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