Karol G assumes that not everyone is going to believe that your picture with Rihanna is real | Big bang


Karol G it has become in recent years a major international star. Although the urban latino is predominantly male, there are a few women who have raised their hands to say that they also have the right and have shown that gender is not just a thing of men. And the colombian is one of them.

And while we’ve seen collaborate with a long list of artists of all kinds in recent times, there’s one that still resists. It has always been confessed super fan of Rihanna and, in the last few hours, has shared a picture with her that has activated the alarm.

The envious will say that is Photoshop ? #15???????ℝ?????? My Boo,” she wrote alongside a black and white image in which we can view them together. Her boy, Anuel AAcould not help but share a few emoticons to the words of Karol G: “????❤️❤️❤️❤️”.

A little over a year, we do a version of Love on the brain in a radio program. The same in which made clear the desire that I had to do something with it: “Who tops my list? Rihanna. She is like my artist top, I’m a fan. The other day I was talking about, that I have it tattooed right here in my hand, the first. I am a super fan and I hope that some day… I don’t know, I have not had any approach, I don’t know your work computer, nothing… but I have in the bottom of my heart the hope that some day I’ll know, I’ll talk to her, you will propose a topic and record a song”.

That day has not yet come, because, I’m sorry for those who had believed that this photo of the two together was real. It is a montage. In the original photo, the accompanying Karol G are, in reality, Becky G and Natti Natasha during a feast that they shared last February.

So, the rapprochement between Rihanna and Karol G is still a pending subject that, hopefully, some day cease to be so.