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In several opportunities, Karol G has made clear that the affection and admiration he feels for the controversial singer Rihanna.

Last year, the girlfriend of Anuel AA revealed that one of his dreams is to do a duet with the celebrity of Barbados.

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Karol G is a fan of Rihanna.

“I have a list giant artists with whom I work, but that is headed by someone who is Rihanna, the day you work something with her will be the maximum. I am super fan, I love his music, what he does, I feel identified” said the colombian during a press conference in Mexico City.

Until the moment it is not known if the order of Karol G he was heard by Rihanna or is there some kind of negotiation. However, the interpreter of “Tusa” shared a photo that has surprised his faithful followers, in which is engaged the popular ‘RiRi’.

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Karol G wants a duet with Rihanna.

This Sunday, may 24, the young artist of 29 years, who recently released the song “X” next to the Jonas Brothers, released a picture in which she appears, and Rihanna. In the photo to black and white can be seen to both artists, looking towards the camera.

However, all this would be a fitting, because —as far as we know— Karol G has not had any contact with the former spouse of Drake.

Karol G shares photo by Rihanna on Instagram and ensures that there is no Photoshop.

In addition, the description of the photo states: “The envious will say that is Photoshop”.

The publication in Instagram already has 525.586 of “I like”.

Karol G ensures that it has much in common with Rihanna

During a radio interview in 2018, Karol G argued that it looks a lot like Rihannaby the way have started in the music industry.

“I feel that the personality of Rihanna is super similar to mine. His career is marked by the reality of his personality, is not a product impostado. She handles her style, her videos, her way of speaking, the music. She is too real and that is what I am trying to do,” said the colombian.

Karol G says that you have things in common with Rihanna.

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