Katy Perry puts on sale face masks to combat the pandemic


If anything, we are serving to live this terrible health crisis is to realize that the solidarity was always within us and that the human being is wonderful. The spread of the coronavirus has crept up to his step many consequences: Countless deaths, collapse of hospitals and an inevitable and chaotic increase of poverty. There are many people who day after day put their lives at risk and that’s why artists like Katy Perry has not hesitated for a moment to contribute their particular bit.

The american singer has given free rein to his creativity and has decided to embark on a solidarity project that has also wanted to share on the social networks. “Are you interested? It follows the rules of ‘Daisies’ promo. Supporting a charity worthy. Take a look at the link in my bio for the merchandising of ‘Daisies’, including this face mask, whose proceeds go to ‘Direct Relief’, an organization with headquarters in Santa Barbara, who coordinates with the public health authorities, non-profit organizations and businesses all across the united States and around the world to provide personal protective equipment and essential medical items to health workers to respond to COVID-19″ he has written on their social networks.

To the explanation, he was accompanied by a photograph we can see the artist, wearing one of the masks that will be used to help in the fight against the coronavirus. A few seconds after making public the aforementioned initiative, his followers gathered in the publication, showing their love towards the artist in the form of a comment.

The vast majority of fans of the singer have coincided in praising the project of the north american and we are confident that this initiative will also serve to strengthen that unbreakable link between the artist and his followers. Facts like these show us just how big is Katy Perry, both inside and outside of the stage.