Kendall Jenner is harshly criticized for her cover in Vogue


The entrepreneur, american, Kendall Jenner, is the model that has the salary highest in the industry, and is that from small when tena appearance in the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, was always a favorite.

Since the incursion in the world of the catwalks, there are many magazines that have requested his presence as a cover. Vogue Japan it is not an exception, because the young encabez your new edition.

The same star I shared the images in your account of Instagram, which had more than four million of I like of your entire community.

However, all was not rosy, as many netizens questioned its utterance in the face, because that felt that was very serious for the ocasin.

Kendallif not queras not antennas that accept the cover of Vogue Japan, honey, “Positive Energy”. This had to be a joke in the editor, I wrote a Twitter user.

This, making reference to the slogan of the magazine that is: Positive Energy, which in English means: Power positive.

Many tweeters are joined to your comment, but Kendall Jenner does all deaf, but has always had marked his own style and unique.