Kendall Jenner must pay million-dollar fine for committing fraud


Socialite Kendall Jenner you have to pay a large sum of money by promoting a festival that never took place, the “Fyre Festival“, which promoted it on their social networks in 2017.

The older sister of the Jenner, is once more in the eye of the hurricanebecause it was sued after promoting through the social networks a festival called the Fyre Festival, which turned out to be a complete scam.

This music festival was a the initiative of rapper Ja Rule and the tickets were sold from $20 thousand pesos to two million pesos for the passes exclusive with all the luxuries included.

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But everything was a complete mess apparently, and according to the official declarations Jenner received $275 thousand dollars as remuneration by promoting on your social networks and other media to the celebration.

It was as well as a few days ago it was announced that Kendall you will have to pay a fine of $90 thousand dollars by participating in the advertising of the event.

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However, she was not the only one involved, because apparently it Bella Hadid he was part of the promotion the event, which is expected to also receive a fine.

Everything seems to indicate that to get to the festival they found nothing of what was promisedthe luxurious hotel were domes that were filled with water, a meal that consisted of salad and a cheese sandwich and none of the artists announced are presented, so that was cancelled due to lack of resources.

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On the other hand, the founder of the festival, Billy McFarland, is serving a sentence of 6 years by electronic fraud.

The Fyre Festival I was going to be something unique, legendary, the new alternative to Coachella but nothing turned out as expected, unfortunately, and now several people have received the consequences to this.

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In fact, they made a documentary for Netflix where it is explained what happened, because no doubt it is something incredible to believe since a lot of people trusted him but was unable to carry out.