Kylie Jenner and the seamless dress that was used on the beach and that your fans do not exceed


It is not unlikely that Kylie Jenner share your outfits sensual. Even, on occasion, goes beyond itself to impact their followers with pieces of clothing very sexy and that almost only she could look.

So it was that on his most recent trip to the Bahamas, before the quarantine, he left at home the sets in one piece of lycra that used in the city, and premiered on the beach in a suit that is completely transparent.

Kylie Jenner and her dress transparent

Together with his best friend Stassie, who accompanied her on the trip and it has become inseparable, fell on some stairs with a dress fuchsia transparent, so he had to cover certain parts of your body with your hands.

In the image, it also leaves your “bestie” wearing a dress identical to her but in orange color. The billionaire has published two images with the suggestive costumes and between the two add up to more than 15 million likes from its fans.

On the same trip but on another occasion, he premiered his blonde tresses with a mini white dress, also semi-transparent which shone with the jewels more costly, and a double bag brand Chanel.

Another of the costumes most remembered of the gallery Kylie Jenner is this dress with wet effect that you used in the campaign of media promotion of your makeup collection Stormi, dedicated to his little daughter of two years, the darling of the house.

Limited for 22 years, has created an entire empire with his company of makeup Kylie Cosmetics, that allows you to lead a life of privilege immense. His fortune even exceeds that of their older sisters.

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