Kylie Jenner is inspired by Britney Spears to your new change of look

Kylie Jenner has returned to its essence after the weeks of quarantine. The entrepreneur initiated the confinement with the will of rest of hair extensions and lashes, as well as of their manicures to extravagant. After several days, showing to the natural, the young man has already recovered its tricks and beauty have been surprised with a new hairstyle that wants to put fashion this summer.

The small of the clan Kardashian-Jenner has been inspired by Britney Spears, in particular in one of the looks ‘beauty’, which the singer wore in the music video for ‘…Baby one more time’ and with which you created trend to the end of the years 90.

Kylie has recovered the semirecogido with the two pigtails, one on each side, with which he manages to look much more youthful. The entrepreneur philanthropist has opted for a hairstyle fun that is very easy to do and you choose to take with her mane completely smooth.

Britney Spears in the music video for '...Baby one more time'

Britney Spears in the music video for ‘…Baby one more time’

The young man is so enchanted with this new look that has taken him on several occasions in the past few days. The key to that follow this aesthetic noventera is leaving a few tufts front that put the perfect touch to your hair that takes colour ‘bronde’ that lights up his face, and that recently has copied her sister Kendall.

The mother of Stormi has not been the only one in the last few months have been encouraged to rescue those hairstyles that were winners in the 9. Last February, Chiara Ferragni went back to his adolescence with his mane collection with several clamps of different shades. Also Bella Hadid, big fan of the trends of that decade, lha carried on more than one occasion a high ponytail with wet effect, dash to a side and pointed towards the inside.

The hairstyles of the 90’s are back with force this summer

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