Kylie Jenner: perfect hair for those with hair extra long


The model and businesswoman Kylie Jenner it has become an icon of fashion and style in the recent years through their social networks. Currently, the mogul has imposed and carried the best trend of the past few years and on this occasion, tells us which are hairstyles which are perfect for girls with hair extra long.

As we well know, for hair that is extra long, either naturally or by extensions, we need some care to keep it that natural and healthy way. So now, Kylie Jenner it shows you followers as it must to wear long hair during this summer 2020.

The hairstyles are in trend during this 2020, are inspired by the fashion of the decade of the nineties, the style of the girls of Friends like Rachel, Monica and Phoebe. However, Kylie Jenner makes her own version of these hairstyles with the hair extra long.

Kylie Jenner has the perfect hair for those with hair extra long

The half good is a hairstyle that became a fashion very popular in the nineties. The hairstyle consists of a half-tail but with a twist while the rest of the hair is loose. Kylie Jenner makes her own version of this hairstyle to make you more messy the top and released two strands of hair at the front.

Another of the hairstyles that have been in trend in recent months for the summer is the hair double bun. The difference with the version of Kylie Jenner is that instead of making the buns, the model leaves her hair long to show off your tresses without having problems with the high temperatures.

This hairstyle is a classic that has become a trend from seasons ago. However, during this quarantine, has become the hairstyle of protagonist in women who are at home, because it is a hairstyle simple to make and has also become very stylish without a doubt one of the favorites of Kylie Jenner.

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