Lady Gaga and meme of Stupid Love | Music


The return of music Lady Gaga is much closer to what we think. In fact, half the world was taken by surprise by the filtration of Stupid love, this song that we start to have news from that neglect in the photo Halloween.

But what has happened with this song is that who the has ever heard thanks to that ‘hacking’ has not been able to forget about their tremendous sound. So much so that during a recent performance in Miami of the soloist in new york prior to the SuperBowl, the public did not fail to ask cheers, the premiere live of this hit.

Your reaction to the cry of “oh, Stupid love!” has already become one of the first memes of 2020. A reaction of diva absolute that we love and that would be somewhere between the outrage by filtration and the surprise for his enormous host.

The interpretation of Gaga on the stage to the screams of Stupid love well could have earned him another Oscar as the one that succeeded thanks to a star is born. If it had been by the ecstatic public that followed, cried, saying, “oh Gaga! ¡Gaga! Oh Gaga!!” the statuette would have already been in their hands.

The expectations around LG6, so as to know the sixth studio album of Lady Gaga, have soared to unsuspected limits after a filtration that, as we say, the Germanotta took between anger and humor.

Stupid Love is not sounded in Miami and, yes, a mix of hits from her career that have formed part of his residency Enigma in Las Vegas. We are left with the desire while by the way, we have won a meme..