Let Martha Stewart makes your cooking session into a publication spicy!


The renowned chefs prepare all kinds of dishes are fun to try at home. The famous cook Martha Stewart has made a fortune with their recipes and even their variety show with the rapper Snoop Dog; Martha & Snoops Potluck Dinner Party. Business is going so well that the star even brought forward a little bit during their cooking sessions.

People generally like to listen to music when you paint, exercise in the gym or at work. Oh Martha Stewart, however, prefers to listen to your tunes while cooking up a storm in the kitchen! However, no one expected that Stewart played a Rihanna song during your cooking session.

Last week, Stewart released a video on his Instagram of herself, softening the chicken breasts for your recipe of Chicken Piccata Limone. In the short clip, you can hear the simple success of Rihanna and Drake Work in the background.

The player of 78 years old even labeled them in the publication! We are not sure of how the choice of the song fits the general mood, but the video was made with a lapse of time which, however, was well-suited to the rhythm. Stewart must really want that Rihanna comes out with her next album, as do many fans.

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The fact that Martha Stewart cook for Rihanna surprised many fans. However, the fun did not stop there. The guru of the style of life he also shared a legend interesting along with the publication that seems very out of place for Stewart. What the star is trying something new or simply having fun harmlessly?

In addition to the soundtrack of the clip to Instagram with the theme of Rhianna, subtitle, paired with the video is just as amazing. “What Martha pounded the chicken breasts with fat that they wished to be hitting someone?” The sources are not clear if Stewart published or not this publication, but the title has changed since then.

That didn’t stop fans to take a screen capture of the subtitle original and re-publish on all parties. Their overall reaction was relatively positive, and many were encouraged to Stewart. Even some of the friends of the star as Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Courteney Cox commented on the publication. Martha Stewart knows how to keep us alert, that’s for sure! … and so is back in the headlines!

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