Look at Halsey and Avril Lavigne join on the stage to play ‘Girlfriend’


Avril Lavigne swept away in the popularity lists international more than a decade ago with its simple ‘Girlfriend’, so the singer has decided to bring it back, but now at the side of a special guest.

During the annual Halloween party organized by Halsey in Los Angeles, the star of pop punk canadian joined with the young interpreter ‘Graveyard’ on the stage to play their famous hit.

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During the celebration on the theme of rock stars from decades past, Halsey was disguised as Marilyn Manson in the iconic album cover “Mechanical Animals”, while Avril was dressed as Madonna.

This year, Lavigne returned from a musical break of five years with the release of his new album “Head Above Water”, which includes the simple that baptizes the album, as well as ‘I Fell in Love with the Devil’.