Max Ehrich decreed that he would be with Demi Lovato nine years ago


In 2011, the actor Max Ehrich published a tweet confessing that the famous singer was the only gift he wanted to receive for Christmas, without imagining that some day would end up being his girlfriend…

This week Demi Lovato has said goodbye to the discretion with which he had tried to manage until now the relationship that it maintains with the actor and singer Max Ehrichand has officially opened the veda to begin to boast of boyfriend on Instagram.

In addition to sharing multiple photos in their Stories in which they appear kissing, Demi Lovato has revealed an anecdote which proves that her boy and she were destined to meet and fall in love.

Back in 2011, Max Ehrich published a tweet on the 26th of December to ensure that Demi Lovato it was the only thing that he wanted for christmas, to paraphrase the classic christmas carol, Mariah Carey and joking that you can’t always get what you want. What I did not imagine at that time is that, almost a decade later I would be living a beautiful love story with his idol.

The singer herself has not been able to resist to joke that it’s always nice to see how a dream becomes a reality and wanted to make sure that Max Ehrich no opinion has changed: “But for every christmas?”, added together to capture this romantic tweet that has risen to their Stories.