Meryl Streep, Cara Delevingne and Chris Hemsworth together to tell a story of ‘James and the giant peach’


Someone has said of the works of Roald Dahl that are “fun, entertaining and disgusting all together”. It is probably as well. The stories of the author of The Gremlins or Charlie and the chocolate factory have always enchanted the children, or to adult-child as Tim Burtonbut not always I have liked the parents. Perhaps those are the farts that strip the Big friendly Giant, your sentences IN CAPITAL letters or comments very little enjoyable with your Matilda dispatched on the adults.

The case is that in James and the giant peachof 1961, this author welsh, who traveled around Africa and was a pilot during the Second World War, tells us about the adventures of a boy who, one day, he was given a bag of seeds greens, while their parents devour a rhinoceros, huge and furious, but, according to the narrator, “her problems were over in 35 seconds accurate; the James, they began”. The child will have to go to live with their aunts, the absolutely unbearable Spiker and Sponge, but when you cultivate the seeds, grow a giant peach that you can swipe, and take a mind trip.

Now, a group of performers from Hollywood as Meryl Streep, Benedict Cumberbatch, Cate Blanchett, Chris and Liam Hemsworth (in their first joint interpretation), Ryan Reynolds, Sarah Paulson or Cara Delevingne have become, from their homes and by streaming, narrators of this story, under the baton of director for the new zealand Taika Waititi (Jojo Rabbit, Thor: Ragnarok), who was born this initiative, which aims to raise funds for the NGO medical Partners in Healthof which she is foundress of the daughters of Roald Dahl, Ophelia. Thus, it is intended to support the most vulnerable communities that have been affected around the world by the pandemic COVID-19, because the organization works with women of Sierra Leone.

Waititi explained that he chose the “crazy and wonderful story” because it “goes over the resilience in children, the triumph in the face of adversity and dealing with a sense of isolation that could not be more relevant today.” It will be broadcasted at Youtube in a new chapter every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, to complete the ten.