Mike Tyson caught his wife in bed with Brad Pitt: “I do not hold a grudge”


The exboxeador american Myke Tyson, 53 years old, and a star of the quadrilaterals in the years 80 and 90he recalled in a ‘talk show’ of the american television a story that links it to one of the actors most wanted Hollywood, Brad Pitt and that happened more than 30 years ago.

As reported the Portal of The Newspaper, The boxer was caught in his ex-wife, Robin Givens, in bed with a then youngster, blond, Brad Pitt.

An episode that was forever etched in his memory and that does not bare a grudge to the ex of Angelina Jolie.

It all happened when Tyson was in the process of divorce from the actress, known for her participation in the series of the ABC’s ‘first class’.

Robin Givens and Mike Tyson met in 1987, married him a year after and the year problems arose.

The actress accused him of abuse and in 1989 put an end to his brief and violent marriage.

That year, Tyson was an international superstar and Pitt was not yet known by the public at large.

Legends of passion’ and ‘Interview with the vampire’ would come in 1994. Givens rolled up with a young Pitt, with whom she had a brief affair, while he got his divorce with the exboxeador.

In the interview on the program ‘The Real’, Tyson has narrated that during that period of separation continued to have sexual encounters with Givens. “I had to go to the office of my attorney, but I wanted to pass by the home of Robin for a ‘quickie’.

He added, “I was young and missed”.

According to the story of Tyson, Pitt asked him to not stick. “Brad must have been drunk or something, I implored that they not stick, and told me that they were only reviewing a script. I was in a coma emotional. They had taken my heart and smashed up, all that left me completely overwhelmed. Had No energy to fight or anything”, has detailed the former heavy weights, which ensures that Pitt seemed to him even a “good guy” and that does not bare a grudge.

“I’m not angry with Brad in any way. Clearly we will not keep grudge because, if so, you would not be alive,” she joked.