Miley Cyrus unveils his curious (and expensive) new addiction


Cyrus has begun the 2020 out of whole cloth. The singer, who takes a few weeks of not being able to sing because of an intervention in the throat, is super active on their social networks. It is through Instagram which brings us to the day of everything you do, and the developments that are to come. And it is precisely through this platform, wanted to share with their followers what is your new, and expensive, addiction. Do you know what it is?

Miley Cyrus you know perfectly well that Instagram is one of your best promotional tools. The artist brings together more than 103 million followers with what you are aware that any thing you post, you will have great visibility.

FILE PHOTO: Miley Cyrus

FILE PHOTO: Miley Cyrus
(Henry Nicholls / Reuters)

The singer has not ceased to be active, especially in their stories. Aware that his throat problems were going to prevent the act in the season of special programs for Christmas, Miley Cyrus has strived to not disappear from the collective imaginary and what has been done through the networks.

Thanks to their stories of Instagram we have been able to see it with his family and also with her boyfriend, Cody Simpson, who has been mimetized. The singer has undergone a change of style look very rocker and each time it looks more like your boyfriend.

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson

Well, one of the last posts on Instagram of Miley Cyrus has become a topic of conversation because he reveals the new addiction of the singer. This might seem like a negative thing, and more taking into account the past of the artist as a consumer of drugs and alcohol.

In reality, their fans have nothing to fear because the health of Miley Cyrus is not in jeopardy with this new addiction, but you may your pocket. The young woman has taken to collecting guitars, and we can say that he has in his possession, at least, 37.

This photo of Instagram that Miley Cyrus appears to lie on almost a quarantine of covers of guitar is the test. And she herself confesses: “what Collection or addiction?”. Whatever it is, Miley can afford it, and if any of those guitars you can compose songs like that it has offered us until now, the investment is well worth it.