Millie Bobbie Brown and Jacob Sartorius, what second chance?


Despite his youth, Millie Bobbie Brown is living one of the most beautiful moments of your life. Their 14-year-old actress is renowned around the world for his talent and has become one of the faces most requested in the entire party, presentation and delivery of prizes that are worth mentioning. But, what happens to the love? It seems that this is the weak point of Millie though, judging by its recent publication in Instagramthe girl could be going out… with her ex-boyfriend, Jacob

The relationship of Millie Bobbie Brown and Jacob Sartorius is released at the beginning of the year thanks to the researches of the fans, who saw a flirtation constant of the stars through the social networks. And gave the nail on the head!

However, a few months later, we learned that the couple had ended. Why? Apparently, Millie Bobbie Brown could not forgive her for alleged infidelities through Snapchat. After being shown as a couple super in love with in Instagram, the news of their break up shocked all his followers.

But the story might not be over… And that is the last publication on Urges Stories of Millie Bobbie Brown has sown doubts about a possible reconciliation. The young actress posted the following image in which it appears, tied to who was then her boyfriend.

Millie Bobbie Brown and Jacob Sartorius

Millie Bobbie Brown and Jacob Sartorius

“Happy birthday Jacob Sartorius. I love you,” wrote Millie Bobbie Brown in the upper part of the image, adding a second comment at the opposite end of the image as a joke: “you’re so old now”.

This is a good wishes of birthday to Jacob Sartorius which many have interpreted as a sign that the two young people are encouraged to try. However, there are those who also points out that this posting on Instagram is just a symbol of Jacob and Millie have remained as friends after their break up. What stakes?