Millie Bobbie Brown defends his friendship with famous singer 17 years her senior

Since the premiere of the series ‘Stranger things‘the club of fans of its protagonist, Millie Bobby Brown has done no more than grow: just look at his account of Instagram to discover an endless amount of selfies of the actress posing with various stars that, in the majority of occasions, they have careers that began long before she was born, but even so have fallen equally rendered with his talent and his personality overwhelmingto.

Among those admirers are the rapper Drake , whom Millie met in the past year in one of his concerts in Australia and who since then has maintained a regular contact that you may find very useful if one day you are encouraged to start a career as a singer.

Millie Bobby Brown and Drake
Millie Bobby Brown and Drake
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Last week, the 14-year-old explained that the musician and she they spoke often through text messages to give advice about boys, and about life in general.

“It’s fantastic, honestly; is a great friend and a great model to follow. The other day we sent a couple of message and he always tells me that I weird and I will answer you: ‘I miss you more’,” were the exact words of the interpreter in its passage through the red carpet of the Emmy .

These statements were not long in giving rise to a debate on what could have in common a man of 31 years as a Drake with a teenager and if your friendship holds a backdrop, to summarize in any way the opinions have been pouring in about it.

That controversy was not long in coming to the ears of the own Millie, that once more showed a maturity unexpected for his age, ending the controversy in a calm but forceful.

“They are very rare… of truth. I’m very lucky that there are people in this business willing to devote their time to help me expand my career and to offer his guidance and council. I am very lucky to have people so wonderful in my life. No one can choose them for me. It is nice to have someone that understands what I do. And now, please, please talk about the real problems that there are in this world and that have nothing to do with my friends,” said Millie through Instagram.

Millie Bobby Brown