Mouratoglou explains what has happened to Serena in the finals


What has happened to Serena Williams since winning his 23er big?Why has played four finals and lost all of them since the time that was able to match Margaret Court Smith? Patrick Mouratoglouhis coach , writes himself a tribune in ‘Tennishead‘that tries to explain all of these issues, ahead of Williams does not aim to match Court Smith, but move it forwards, typically it is expected that the north american follow tried the climbing up to 25 degrees.

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The vast majority of players would be happy with a year where they reached two Grand Slam finals, but finishing second never has liked Serena Williams. There were many occasions in 2019 that he played a great tennis, but in your mind, a good year is one that has won at least one Grand Slam title. Since he returned to racing early last year after the birth of their daughter, Serena Williams has played seven Grand Slam tournaments and reached the final in four of them, losing on each occasion. In none of them saw the Serena had won 23 Grand Slam titles.

As your coach, I’ve thought a lot about what happened in those finals, because of the way that he played in them is completely in contrast with the way in which it had previously played in every one of those tournaments. In the quarter-finals and semi-finals had ‘destroyed’ the majority of their opponents. In three of the finals, however, she never appeared. Serena returned to competition early last year because I knew that I still had a desire to win at the highest level. More specifically, she had her sights set on breaking the all-time record of 24 Grand Slam titles, Margaret Court. That is why they rejected an easier life than you would have had with the retirement and that is why he has worked so hard to get back.

For those of us who have never played a Grand Slam final, it is difficult to understand how you feel. The pressure must be immense. Just try to imagine how it must be to reach a Grand Slam final knowing that victory will ensure your place in history. I can’t believe that there is more pressure on the sport than that. People ask me if Serena is playing enough tournaments away from the events of Grand Slam. Of course, playing and winning matches can only give you confidence, but I don’t think that the lack of confidence has been a problem for her. You don’t win the quarter final and semi-finals of the manner in which it has done without having confidence.

While the pressure on Serena in their last four Grand Slam finals has been enormous, I feel that their opponents, by contrast, have had very little to lose. Just to be on the end can be a huge accomplishment for many players. When you are a young female player that you get to your first Grand Slam final, as Naomi Osaka in New York the past year or Bianca Andreescu this year, you probably think that it will be your first of many opportunities. Meanwhile, Simona Halep probably never waited to fight for a Wimbledon title and went to the end being aware that he had lost nine of their 10 previous matches with Serena.

When you have nothing to lose in a match and winning can only be a bonus, it is easy to miss and hit the ball with freedom. If you also feel that your opponent is under pressure, you relax completely. Halep played a great match in the final of Wimbledon, it was much more aggressive than what is usually and almost made no mistakes, but I’m sure that part of the reason why I was hitting the ball so well was what he saw on the other side of the network. When you feel that your opponent is hitting the ball short, without his usual, it feeds your confidence. Makes you feel stronger and makes you play better.

I’ve always thought that in the matches Serena the result always depends on it. When you play as you know, there’s not much any opponent can do to stop it. I think that it is all of it, and that will always be so. When Serena is Serena, she is unstoppable. She has not been real Serena in the last four finals. That is what we need to change. And it is always questionable to change something when you’ve been with someone for so long and have had so many good results together in the past. It may not have worked in the last four finals, but prior to that I had worked in 10 of the 12 Grand Slam finals that Serena had not been reached since I started working with it seven years ago. What we need to consider is that Serena is facing a new challenge at this time, the last of his race, and that we probably need to adapt and find a solution.