Nicki Minaj before being famous, ” how could you have them as well?It seems impossible!


Is something widely accepted by all that when celebrities do just that, famous, set up a mechanism of improvement of sheet metal and paint that in many cases it is known when it has started but not when it will end. For many of them it ends up becoming a drug that is not know to leave in time and that ends up putting them in a person very different from the wanted were a few years agoor at least physically.

When Nicki Ninaj anuciaba that it was withdrawing from the music scene to pursue other things in addition to the penalty that had thousands of fans, had another effect is also very remarkable: filtration of images in which he saw a Nicky Minaj very different that it is today. What is more, it is likely that if the photo of the before and now do not appear together and it did just the before, a lot of people who know the artist would not be able to identify it as such. There is nothing.

What is clear is that Nicki has been one of the that has been hooked of truth to this of going under the knife and it looks like that still has not put an end to these steps for the “workshop” to complete this kind of mutation to not know very well.

What is working of wonder is the song of The Husk next to Karol G that is like number 1 on the lists of many countries in addition to being the most viewed video from out in YouTube for several weeks now. We don’t know how much longer it will be Nicki on stage, but it seems that it will not be long. Now that you won’t see it as a journal can be that when you re-appear in public no one recognizes it….