Nicki Minaj explains why he has never collaborated with Kendrick Lamar

Sooner or later, it is clear that we will be able to enjoy a song Nicki Minaj and Kendrick Lamar. Both have collaborated with practically all the artists of the picture, but oddly enough, have never gathered together in the study.

Nicki joked that Kendrick “did not wash”

That’s why in the new estrega of your “Queen Radio” had no other choice but to explain the reasons for those who had never created a song together.

The reason that I have not yet collaborated with Kendrick Lamar is because he does not want to wash.

Nicki joked with that “he didn’t want to wash” in the beginning, but after it broke in praise towards his colleague, claiming that “it’s a great admirer of you and your talent” in addition to that “expected to collaborate with Kendrick at some point”.

But also took the opportunity to throw a jab by saying that “Lamar respects the craft of rap” and insinuating that to day of today, artists tend not to do so.

I love Nicki Minaj.

Kendrick Lamar already showed that I felt so much appreciation for Nicki Minaj in the past, so we’re doing illusions with a possible song of his on any of the albums which each one is preparing.

Today we have also known that the documentary of Nipsey Hussle will be broadcast on Netflix.