Nicki Minaj sends her love to 6ix9ine you could spend your life in jail | Music

Tekashi 6ix9ine it is one of those rappers that a good day could appear in the news for having killed in a shootout and we don’t miss. It is a piece of those who is accustomed to pass by the court.

Now same is in jail after being arrested in New York along with two former partners and his ex-manager. He is accused of 6 charges which could to prison term between 25 years and life imprisonment. According to the u.s. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, participated in an armed robbery and multiple shootings, as well as in the sale of drugs highly addictive as heroin and fentanyl.

Although his lawyer has requested a bail has been denied freedom because it could still be a danger to the community.

Support of the rapper

Nicki Minaj, with which this year brought a collaboration, FEFE, wanted to show their support via social networks: “For reasons beyond the music, the record company will stop your project for a while. Danny, I love you and I am praying for you, your mother, your daughter and your mother, by this time they are happening”.

And calls him Danny, because his real name is Daniel Hernandez. He is the son of a mexican mother and father puerto rican even though he never got to know him and grew up with the partner of their mother who was shot and killed when he was 13 years old.

Now 22 years old and in these moments he was on parole after having admitted he sexually abused a girl under age, it has been recorded while I was practicing oral sex and have released the video on the Internet. In addition, this same year he assaulted another child.

In fact, the rise fast-paced of 6ix9ine (the name makes reference to the sexual posture known as 69) was due in part, to that ceaseless stream of controversies that have been happening in your life. Also that image is powerful and full of colorful and their continuous antics like calling himself angel while distributing the money among the most disadvantaged population of the Dominican Republic. And it is usual to see him show off money.

Among its many altercations to remember the one that did paralyze the filming of the video Breastin which it also was Kanye West, after which an unidentified person prorrumpiera shot in the mansion where they were recording.

This Friday, the 23rd of November was planning to launch his first album, Dummy Boybut as pointed out by Nicki Minaj it seems that the record label is going to paralyze all at the expense of what happens in the next few days.

Another who has shown his sadness at what is happening is Anuel AAthe boy Karol G, with the rapper arrested recorded Baby managing to enter the lists of singles more sold. Both share the experience of having been convicted.

Anuel AA has uploaded a picture of both with multiple emoji sad they reflect his feeling for the arrest of his friend. How will the prison truncating his career?