Oh these are the riches of Millie Bobbie Brown!


Millie Bobby Brown is an actress that doesn’t have much in her career as an actress in films and series famous, since chiquita has participated with small roles in television as in Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Familyand has always shown his great talent for acting, but only won great fame after winning an important role in the series ‘Stranger Things’, it then premiered in Netflix, he began to be quite famous all over the world, and all commented and wanted to know who was that such Millie Bobby Brown.

She is the big star of the plot, despite the series having several other characters, by his great maturity and talent to interpret his character Eleven. Since then, it was super requested by several to participate in new films, but for being a minor and being part of a family quite controlled, began little by little to be more ‘liberated’, to also not be affected in their studies.

At the time that he started recording the series, I was barely 11 or 12 as of age, and when he turned 13 years of age, won the Emmy award of Best supporting actress in a series and also the best female performance in a drama series to be nominated by the Screen Actors guild next to the cast of the series.

In addition to several other awards and jobs, also gained space as model, premiering with the signature Calvin Clain in one of his campaigns. The great little actress, now 14 years of age, is quite mature for such a young age, and always surprises us with his great ability to entertain all. Now in 2018 in addition to brand new the third season of Stranger Things, which is still recording along with the rest of the cast, also you already have guaranteed work for the next few years of 2019 and 2020, starring in the film Godzilla: King of the Monsters and also the adaptation of The adventures of Enola Holmes.

And to finish, this year Millie Bobby Brown it was included by the Time magazine in the list of ‘the 100 most influential people in the world’, being the youngest until today to enter in this listWOW! Now we know the real reason why he wins so well and is also in the list of ‘future billonarias’. I wish to have a life as well, at 14 years of age!