Or Alba Flowers you need rhinoplasty or Adele is better thin: the stigmata of the beauty in 2020


In the past few days is viralizando on various social networks a video of TikTok in which he performs photoshop to a photo of the actress Alba Flores to reduce the size of your nose and align the septum.

An image that is not new, as at the end of January, we used the same image to make a tweak similar, showing the before and the after.

A fact that, fortunately, has outraged dozens of users that have expressed that to them seems a lack of respect that indicates that Dawn would be better with a smaller nose.

The nose of Alba Floresas many users agree, is one of its signs of identity. It gives personality and is a genetic trait characteristic of his family, as could be seen in his father, Antonio Flores; your aunt Rosario Flores; or your grandmother, Lola Flores.

Question if this nose, or any other physical feature, is nice or not, is a sample of that for much that we are struggling to break the canons of beauty established still remains a long way to go.

Several users have praised the final result, comparing some of them with Aitana Ocaña, whose nose, if you understand it as “perfect”.

The comparison pejorative of the actress with the beak of a toucan or the numerous comments that say that your nose “it is not perfect, but nothing happens”, make it clear that we continue with the belief that there is a “perfect nose”“a perfect face” or “a perfect body”.

There is even a user who assumes that that nose in a person’s teen and anonymous will be the object of ridicule in the college; and the user warrants that defend it because it is famous: “I love your nose because it is Alba Flores”.

Comments if well, many do not lack respect, show that as a society we continue to be guided by a few canons of beauty that makes many people feel acomplejadas not to be found in them.

Another recent case of this type was the last photo you posted Adele, in which he looks visibly thinner than when it was unveiled. In social networks there arose a great wave of comments praising the new image of the artist, ensuring that you are much prettier.

They had also many other users who insisted that Adele has a great voice beyond its weight, but the case is that at these heights continues to be a Trending Topic for a person to lose weight or the so-called “improvement” in the face of someone coming through the surgery.


In 2020 we should understand that the aesthetic is subjective, and that if a person chooses to have surgery to have a small nose or go on a diet to lose kilos, it is a personal choice and that it does not mean that you are “improving”.

It is something as simple as who chooses to leave the hair long or teñírselo of another color. Should not be blameworthy, but not praiseworthy, it is simply a aesthetic choice that should not be made to feel “socially accepted”.

During the last few years the world of fashion, one of the great responsible for the creation of a course canon of beauty, “perfect”, is reinventing itself to give visibility to all kinds of beauties.

Many firms have opted to choose models of different weights, height, physique, and even have left to resort to retouching graph to remove the so-called “imperfections” such as cellulite or stretch marks.


On the other side, beyond “accepting ourselves as we are”, it is important that we value the importance of not be (or want to be) like the rest.

In the magnificent book How to be a woman, the british journalist Caitlin Moran speaking with much humor about the cosmetic surgery in the current society, explaining what we found when arriving at an awards ceremony in London.

“The faces of the men were what one could imagine […] Men of forty, fifty and sixty years. Men with money, well cared for”, start to go directly to that surprised him.

“But the women: o the women all look the same […] When you get close to the 35, 36 and 37, years beginning the first traits of homogeneity. Lips that seem to inflate upwards and outwards, so illogical, fronts, bright, stretched out. Something indefinable, but definitely strange on the cheeks and on the jaw. Eyes static very open, as if they had just see your last bill”, jokes visibilizando what happens when we all try to adapt to the same canon of beauty.