Pique puts his future in the hands of Shakira. In 2021 to that computer!


Named one of the power couples of the world, during this quarantine has led to a debate on the grounds that very serious. Gerard Pique and Shakira reconsideran your future and the possible change that may lead to the career of a footballer.

The couple has been together since 2011, and, being always exposed, has made them susceptible to the public opinion more than normal. From rumors of infidelity, until lots of phrases, twisted by the press.

That is why the singer has said on other occasions for 60 Minutes that: Marriage scares me. I don’t want you to see me as the wife, I prefer you see me as your girlfriend. However, the decisions to be taken by the colombian are far above the level of dating and take the financial risk with the opinions that you are likely to have fanatics about it.

Shakira and Pique evaluate the advantages of going to Miami in 2021

The central defender of the F. C. Barcelona takes from the 10 years of being a part of the world pass (With a step-by Manchester United). After years of victories of all kinds, currently is considering whether to change course, in 2021 to Miami. The final word the has Shak, who shows no fear of new adventures and sees in the american city an opportunity that would serve for both. The Florida city has a high concentration of latinos and is one of the largest epicenters of the music.

The points in favor of the move are many, because the composer can clearly remember the support it received when it was introduced at the halftime of the Super Bowl this year. By Piquethe proposal David Beckham to join the Inter Miami CF would give you peace of mind. It is an interesting challenge to arrive to a new league with a young team and achieve exercise your knowledge to make it big. Shakira he also sees a great opportunity for expansion in the business area. Fortunately still have months to fine tune all the details.