Rihanna and Beyonce are accused of deceiving their fans


Rihanna launched its lingerie brand “Savage X Fenty” in the year 2018 and from then on, he got into a pocket of the audience. Its philosophy of celebration of diversity of bodies and cultural it was her best decision. But simultaneously, this rain hits, the singer of Barbados it also faced a storm of negative comments. Apparently, the commercial lines of your signature are not being at all transparent.

Unexpectedly, on January 11, “Truth in Advertising”, a non-profit organization, accused “Savage x Fenty” of “dupe consumers to accept monthly fees which in reality do not wish to.” The institution explained that by a “membership plan” -hard to refuse – the signature of Rihanna incurred in commercial actions are not reliable.

In fact, the organization reported
they also alerted the Federal Trade Commission on “these practices
commercial of-the-line” that, in its judgment, contravene the rules of that body,
in addition to the Act of Restoration of the Confidence of Online Shoppers
(SCREW, for its acronym in English). It is worth noting that, the website Savage X
Fenty, it registers the clients in subscriptions with “monthly payments
fifty dollars,” but “without disclosing all the substantive provisions of the

In this sense, the signature
that leads to the front of the artist, 31-year-old spoke publicly about the
case. “Are the accusations false, based on misinterpretation of
our business”. At the same time, Emma Tully, representative of the line argued:
“In Savage x Fenty we have a firm commitment to transparency, so that
we include several notices on the terms and conditions applicable to our membership
during the shopping experience, in our ads and through the
policies of collaboration with ambassadors”.

What happened with the signature of

In addition, to Beyoncé he also showered the good comments after the launch of his new collection of clothes called “Yvy Park” with Adidasas was shown in a couple of photographs without beating about the bush and said no! to the touch ups or edits. Your body curvilinear transformed into a sculpture worthy of admiration. Is that this collection is framed in the fashionable without gender and without labels.

In this order, the modality is, without a doubt, generated thousands of reactions among his fans, then cheered that her clothing line was framed in inclusion and in diversity. However, there was a unexpected event with some users in social networks.

In addition to that, between its parts and accessories include the following, according to the magazine Hello: Bodys (that have a price 64,95 euros), sweatshirts and pants (84,95 euros), bras (44,95€), jackets (149,95€), skirts (74,95€), caps (29,95 eur), bags (99,95€), slippers (199,95€)… and all in colors that range from white to orange, passing through the garnet.

But the detail of the garments of “Yvy Park” is that we only reach
the size XL! It disappointed a lot of fans of the performer of hits
as “Baby boy” and “Crazy in love” to the point that it is declared
deceived and scammed. In addition, the artist of 38 years, he received a barrage of
critical. Now, the singer will rule on the matter as
did Rihanna?