Rihanna was not ready to let the authority to stop the party


LOS ANGELES (united States).- Beenie Man and Bounty Killer were the last duo that fought in the battle of Verzuz, and thousands of fans, including Rihannathey were assets to support them. The edition dancehall had the verses of Instagram and Twitter on their sofas, even a short break when it appeared the police. RiRi was not willing to let the authority to stop the party.

In the comments the singer left read: ” Tell the police to go home”, beggedand added: “Come to the office”, and “let the melody run man”. While it is not said why, exactly, there appeared the police, the website of the government of Jamaica says that a curfew in the whole country is in effect from 8:00 p. m. to 5:00.m. daily, and the battle definitely fell in that period of time.

Despite the rules, Beenie Man had some words for the official. “We have thousands of people watching us around the world. Do you want to be this guy?”, you could hear people saying to the police, explaining to the 400,000 fans that “the police are here, but it doesn’t stop… the police went! We are jamaicans! We’re being nice!”, he added before jumping again to the melodies.

Rihanna announced its presence shortly after the event, an hour began, shouting “Bounty Killaaaaaaaa” and “S— gettin HECTICCCC”. And then he asked: “Who is there?”. Several other celebrities were getting in tune with the songs, including Missy Elliott, Gabrielle Union, Ashanti, and Diddy, who showed some love in the comments.

Dubbed a “clash of icons”, Timbaland and the official account of Verzuz of Swizz Beatz announced the showdown last week. Both are pioneers when it comes to sound dancehall of the 90’s. Beenie Man, nicknamed the “King of Dancehall”, first made waves with Invincible Beenie Man in 1983. His collaboration in 2002 with Janet Jackson “Feel It Boy” is still his most iconic, and also took home a Grammy for his album Art & Life in 2001.