Rosalia imitates Shakira and gets a standing ovation from the networks


That Rosalia it is one of the artists most versatile on the international scene is something well known and which today is one of the singers of Spanish most influential also. So not all fans knew it was his brilliant ability to mimic voices of other stars. Now the singer has been caught doing an imitation of Shakira worthy of taking 12 points in a gala of ‘Your face sounds’.

The artist has become on the cover of the american magazine ‘Elle’ and taking advantage of the photo session, the singer has been subject to a fun game consisting of singing songs related to random words that we were launching.

After hearing the word ‘body’, the Catalan surprised at the switch with the song ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ of Shakira. But not only sang their chorus, but imitating the characteristic voice of colombian singer and even tried to imitate his characteristic hip movements.

At that time, that you can see from minute 1:23 in the video that accompanies these lines, Rosalia explains that some time ago I listened to a lot the songs of Shakira and that she had always tried to imitate their dances.

The response of the networks has not been made to wait and dozens of fans have applauded the imitation.