Salma Hayek shares the recipe of your favorite cocktails for a quarantine, “healthy and happy”


The confinement by the pandemic coronavirus has millions of people trying out new recipes at home. The mexican actress Salma Hayek decided to share with his followers the recipes of your favorite cocktails, with a special ingredient: the mezcal.

“This is a cocktail with a lot of vitamin C and mezcal,” says the caption that accompanies a fun video. Hayek explains step by step how to make the “smoothie/cocktail” that leads kiwi, mint, ginger, stevia, lemon, ice, sparkling water and mezcal.

Although the clip does not appear in the lemon juice, asked to include it because “it is a very important ingredient for the flavour and the vitamin”.

The humor of the mexican comes out as it is being prepared: “Stay safe, healthy, and happy!”, says impishly when it incorporates the mezcal, an alcoholic beverage which is also extracted from the agave plant as tequila.


The recipe earned him thousands of comments, where were some details like the little patience of Salma Hayek with the clip to take to the ice. “I fell in love with it even more when you started to grab ice with your hands!”, says one.

For Mothers Day, the protagonist of “Desperado” released another video preparing a “ice cream/cocktail” of mango, coconut, basil and mezcal. “Here’s a cocktail for you!” tells the legend of the publication.

His passion for cooking during the quarantine began with a recipe to prepare easter eggs. In the video you can see how the actress strives to create chocolate candy and has as an assistant to his daughter, Valentina Paloma.

In the middle of the recording, Salma Hayek asks you to help pulverize a bar of dark chocolate and ends in an entertaining episode between mother and daughter. However, the end result demonstrates the culinary qualities of the mexican star.