Secrets, “” mistakes ” and scenes polemics of Friends, the series success that goes back to 16 years of final


Spent more than 25 years after its premiere and almost 16 of its final. However, the cast of Friends and everything that happened during the recordings of the hit sitcom that aired between 1994 and 2004 and became a global phenomenon, do not cease to be news.

Without going more far, in the last days, the statements of Lisa Kudrowthe remembered and delirious Phoebe of the program, returned to bring to the arena one of the controversial most talked about series.

In statements to The Sunday Times, the actress referred to the criticisms about the lack of diversity in the cast of Friendssomething that many people commented at the time and that today they use it as a decision of the production that made “aging badly” to the fiction.

Kudrow said that if the program was recorded today, possibly “with a cast of only white, that’s for sure”. However, in his vision, the actress ensures that Friends featured items “advanced” for its time.

“There is that guy whose wife discovers he is gay, is pregnant and the three of them occupy together parenting. We also had the theme of surrogate motherhood” he said, in reference to two moments reminded of the strip: when the character of Ross is the father and when the character that embodied the own Kudrow decides to lend him his womb brother to carry on the gestation of your nieces and nephews.

For years, the artist’s struggle against a severe depressive picture and against addictions, something that was always honest in the few statements to the press that he gave.

According to published the journal Variety, Bob Greenblatt, one of the executives of WarnerMedia, predicted that the cast could return to be personally “at the end of the summer” in the northern hemisphere for the recordings.

“At the beginning we thought that the programs were to be delayed by a month or two at most, but now it seems that it will take something more than that,” said the executive, referring to the many changes and postponements that brought the entertainment industry the coronavirus outbreak that is gripping the world.

“We hope to be able to have this special done to the end of the summer, if the stars align and we can get back to working on the production. We believe that there is value in having a good amount of live audience (for this recording) in order to experience the meeting of these six friends and we didn’t want this just out with a video call with six squares with people shooting from their kitchens or in their rooms,” said Greenblatt.

To shorten in some way the expected, Teleshow reviews some secrets, “” mistakes, trivia and scenes controversial Friendsthe series success that will sooner or later return to the screens to 16 years from its end.

1) The pregnancy of Phoebe. With the passage of time, it was revealed that the writers had to add that fact to the story because Lisa Kudrow was pregnant with their son Julian. So, instead of disguising the situation with close-ups or scenes where you do not see the belly of the actress, chose to alter history and change in any way the direction was going to take the character. In this way arose the idea that she submit to a treatment for the subrogation of belly.

2) Rachel’s pregnancy. Fans more meticulous detected an “error” in the script. Is that, as you could see in one of the episodes most iconic, the character played by Aniston discovered she was pregnant during the wedding of Monica and Chandler that took place in may. Time after, at the end of the eighth season, she gave birth to Emma also in may, so that would have had a pregnancy that lasted a year.

3) Controversy. Some critics of the sitcom joined the met in 25 years of its release that one of the most controversial issues on the fiction that he made jokes, was overweight, which had the character of Monica during her childhood and adolescence. There were scenes in which the parents of the young girl is forced to eat leftovers “that were not in the fridge” or was a victim of bullying and this was humorous way.

4) Barry. Last year, several of the actors side of the strip made revelations very surprising that shocked the public. One of them was Mitchell Whitfield, the interpreter of Barry in the fiction, the one dentist who Rachel leaves “planted” on the altar. Whitfield told in an interview with The Guardian that he was about to be chosen to play Ross in the sitcom. “I came to the end, but at the last moment said to me: ‘we’re Going to bring another kind for the audition.’ That person turned out to be David Schwimmer. “My wife still bothers you that you have not obtained the role of Ross. Could have won millions of dollars,” he said in the interview.

5) The birthday of Rachel. An inconsistency in the script made the comment to several fans, a small slip: in one scene the character played by Jennifer Aniston assures Gunther, the surly waiter at Central Perk, that his birthday is the 5 of may. But later, in a chapter in which Rachel is arrested and you need to show your drivers license she mentions that it is in the sign of aquarius, so that, according to the zodiac, should have been born between January 20 and February 18.

6) Identity and controversy. One of the characters that drew attention throughout the ten seasons of the sitcom was the father of Chandler, of whom he is ashamed because she was transgender. In a moment of the plot is revealed that it decided to change its identity to be called Helena Handbasket. Martha Kauffman, one of the creators of the program stated in 2019 that the issue was not treated with respect. “I think that we did not have the necessary knowledge about transgender people at that time,” he said in an interview with USA Today.

7) Numbers. The late departments of the friends takes place where most of the series change suddenly their numbering. At the beginning saw that they were “4” and “5” and in the last few seasons they started to be “19” and “20”.

8) Paolo. It was one of the secondary characters more controversial and some fans of the couple, Ross and Rachel came to detestarlo. The groom Italian of Rachel, which in fiction is called Paolo, was played by the actor Cosimo Fusco, who last year revealed that during the shoot he improvised almost all of the lines in Italian of his character. This included, of course, a memorable scene in which he is standing next to Rachel in front of the window looking at the stars.

9) Anger. Another of the characters that generated backlash among the public was that of Julie, a girlfriend scientist who had Ross, played by Lauren Tom. As told to the daily The Guardianeach time they recorded a scene, the public that attended the filming of the abucheaba. Somehow, the people believed responsible for the rupture between the characters Ross and Rachel, without a doubt, the couple is more emblematic of the program.

10) The board of Joey and Chandler. Recently revealed a fact that intrigued the most fans of the series. For many, this was a real mystery why the department who shared Chandler and Joey had a sort of blackboard in which each issue looked different drawings and messages. Paul Swain, one of the employees of Warner of the time the lighting team, revealed in 2018 what was his curious role in an interview: “The whiteboard was the responsibility of the department of art. Sometimes, however, we realized that there was nothing. I was then told: ‘You must take care of that every time that we record something drawn’, and I was delighted.” From then on, was instructed to draw on the whiteboard or leave a message written with some jokes and even references to previous chapters of the strip.

11) do You know? In the beginning of Friends, Rachel appears with her friend Monica after fleeing a marriage failed. As can be seen in those scenes early, the young and Ross have known each other since they are small. Thus, the “runaway bride” must be filed with the other actors. However, in the chapters that followed, when you see flashbacks the adolescence of the characters, it is revealed that Rachel also knew Chandler when they were kids.

12) the walls of The Central Perk. Much is said about the famous coffee shop where friends gather daily to converse about. But recently, a producer revealed a little known fact: the walls of the bar had boxes that needed to be changed every three episodes. The production in this way was intended to decorate the space with works of artists on the rise that, in some cases, came to offer original pieces of his work for the series.