Selena Gmez sent congratulations to the immigrant students who graduated


The quarantine imposibilit the development of the acts of the graduation corresponding to these dates, in which students from around the United States were the headlines of their respective races, and why celebrities like Selena Gmez the have congratulated him at a distance.

The message that the singer sent from their social networks was not only for all the graduates, but in particular to the young immigrants in spite of adversity, they managed to move forward and meet the first of your goals.

I want you to know that they matter and that their experiences are a great part of american history, express the actress of 27 years.

The personality set an example to his family, who emigrated from Mexico to the united States and I shared the story to the graduates who are delighted with your video.

Launched my american life, as well as yours. I am a great proud mexican-american third generation, said the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber.

The message that I sent Selena Gmez he had a special dedication to the immigrants, many of them still do not have their respective documentation complete.

Each one of you has a similar story of having become americans, add the songwriter in the video.