Selena Gomez revealed the secret origin of his song “Boyfriend” –


The singer told details of the initial chat which resulted in the song, launched last April.

Selena Gomez revealed the origin of the song ‘Boyfriend’, launched last month, and that in a few days it became an absolute success.

“It was not really an inspiration, but we were like: let’s have some fun. Julia sent me a message saying: – What’s your vibe today? How is your mood?- I said: -I don’t know, I want a boyfriend – Just what I said because at this point I am excited about the future. I don’t know, I am open to that”said in a video for Beat x Beat: Inside Out.

Before the answer of Selena Gomez, the team set to work both in the lyrics and in the melody. “We wanted it to be simple, but which also had a flow rhythm that will make you want to move your head”added the singer.

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However, despite the fact that the main idea of the song is the desire of wanting a boyfriend, the team explained that this does not translate into the need to have someone in life to be happy. I was very firm to keep all that out of want vs. need to because I don’t think you should need a couple, fuck with that”.