Shakira belittles the wife of Messi with a terrible gesture

Since the beginning of the relationship Shakira and the famous footballer Gerard Piquethe singer has been involved in multiple rumors that talk about the problems they’ve had with your husband for the friendship that he maintains with Lionel Messi and his wife.

Everything is focused on the enmity that keeps the colombian Antonella Roccuzzo, wife of the player, with whom he has maintained a cold relationship from some years ago.

Rumor has it that the problems between the singer of “Eyes like that” and Roccuzzo, coming from a time before the colombian began his relationship with Pique.

Shakira reveals enmity with Antonella.

Shakira reveals enmity with Antonella.

And is that Antonella Roccuzzo maintained a close relationship with the ex-girlfriend of Pique Nuria Tomas and says that the end of such a relationship is due to the interference of the colombian.

The artists have never spoken about it, but in the circles close to the artists ensures that the relationship between the two is non-existent, and that this even would have led to a certain estrangement between Pique and Messi.

Shakira makes a gesture of contempt against the wife of Messi

The most uncomfortable among the wives of the players was in the year 2017, in the midst of the celebration of the union of Messi and Antonella, where the singer attended the most misaligned.

Shakira wore at the wedding of the argentine people, a dress that had already been used, an act that was considered by many as a sign of the low importance for Shakira the life of Antonella and Leo, even knowing that it would be one of the main targets for the press that would be in that event.

Shakira gives to talk about in wedding of Messi.

Shakira gives to talk about in wedding of Messi.

In addition to that, in that party never saw the colombian move closer to the wedding to congratulate you or keep some type of conversation, which led the media to speculate that the two maintained a lasting enmity.

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For its part, Antonella has given controversial statements about the cosmetic surgeries of Shakira in the previous dates and are now said happy by the performance of the colombian in the Super bowl in 2020 .

Antonella Roccuzzo maintained a distance with the colombian.

Antonella Roccuzzo maintained a distance with the colombian.

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