Sister of Cardi B, Hennesy Carolina, caresses her body with his hand in a sexy bodysuit


The spectacular brunette bragged about all of their curves in a sultry video on Instagram

The sister of Cardi B, Hennessy Carolina, posted a video with the which warmed the social networks and also bragged about his new look and hair blonde. Wearing a bodysuit of black metal, the designer moved his body very a hint to the time his hand passed by the same and raised his passions.

The younger sister of rapper just 24 years old got rid of her braids and opted for a blonde tresses that combined with her makeup perfect and her necklace of diamonds. We already know that these sisters live surrounded by luxuries and not afraid to show them to the world.

“They say that blondes have more fun”published Hennesy in their social network.

Days before, the spectacular brunette and posted a photo of the back with a bodysuit as well, but showing off your rear. There is No doubt that Hennessy Carolina is a woman who knows very well his skills, and manages before his fans generating passions on the social networks.