So it would look Emilia Clarke as Mera in Aquaman 2, if it came out Amber Heard


We know that Amber Heard has a great possibility of entering prison for tampering with evidence against her ex-husband, the actor Johnny Depp, so that would be outside of the DC Universe, news that has been advertising in various media.

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For this reason, it is time to find someone with a chemical stage equal to or greater than the one that had the actress above with Jason Momoa, as users have fallen into the conclusion that there is no one else suitable to represent Merely the matchless Emilia Clark, as those who have seen “Game of Thrones” comment that does not even exceed the great couple that made these two actors. Indicating that Emilia as Mera Aquaman 2 is all that you need to move forward.

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In turn, Clarke was part of the already accomplished universe of Westeros as the powerful Daenerys Targaryen, however, it is also very well known for doing other major roles in movies, mostly romantic comedies, so for the fans it would be interesting to see her again in a world full of action and fantasy.

Clearly they are still hearsay statements that Amber is out of the film, but everything seems to indicate that this could be done really soon. It is for this reason that several fans have looked for the best option to represent the important role.

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If you can’t achieve imagine Emilia characterized as a Mere, don’t worry, because you have made a fan art, here the results. In this illustration it can be seen that the only thing that was done was to change the face of the actress, however, we have to admit that such a picture is totally convincing, so that users expect that their wishes can be heard or read.

On the legal dispute between Depp and Heard, it is known that the negative comments are completely wrong and far from reality, since his ex-wife and another former partner of the actor have made statements in favor of the actor, claiming that he is an excellent person.

At the moment there is nothing official about it, and we can only wait for the news.