So that was the engagement party of Jennifer Lawrence


Much Jennifer Lawrence has tried to keep his private life as far away from the cameras, some months ago, the paparazzi discovered the engagement ring of actress and she confirmed it recently: in a few months you will marry with your fiance Cooke Maroney. To celebrate the commitment formally, the two organized a meeting this weekend, we’ll give You all the details!

Who is Cooke Maroney?

Cooke Maroney is an art dealer for 34 years. Apparently, the mogul is accustomed to the life in Hollywood as he met the actress through a common friend. According to several reports, the couple started out in 2018 and this has been the best relationship that has had Jennifer.

Where was held the engagement party of Jennifer Lawrence?

Many sources have reported that the couple you plan to live in NYC since the two have a professional life in the city. The two were spotted leaving his apartment hours before the event, and then soon flocked to a building in Dumbo where they celebrated their engagement.

Who were invited to the party?

Though Jennifer is not very accustomed to sharing their love life with the publicthe party if it included several celebrities, including Emma Stone. In addition to many celebrities, the celebration also included close friends of the actress, and clearly your family and Cooke.