Sophie Turner and the video where he laughs at the influencers


Beyond its role as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner has managed to earn a place in the heart of the great public by the sincerity with which he speaks. The actress, who was married recently with Joe Jonas, has not had the bat to the time of disclosing their problems of security, self-confidence, anxiety and depression. As neither has had to criticize openly influencers that restart slimming products that could be a danger to users.

And is that the world of social networking has led to believe figures with great influence in the public, especially the youth. The new rock stars have millions of followers and all of the content that they upload to their social profiles is exposed to an audience that makes the event what their idols say.

Los Angeles (United States), 22/09/2019.- Sophie Turner

Los Angeles (United States), 22/09/2019.- Sophie Turner

It is precisely on that he wanted to make a criticism of Sophie Turner. The actress has recorded a video, which went up in the stories of his Instagram, where we see with a filter on the face that deforms his features, and where he gives his honest opinion on what the influencers of the following way:

“Hey guys, I just choose my look of influencer for today and I wanted to promote this new product in powder that you put in the tea and it makes you cagues alive. It is completely wrong to promote this between the girls and the youth in general, but I don’t mind a bell pepper because to me they are paying.”


In this way,Sophie Turner lashed out at those characters of the social networks that have become prescribers of certain dietary products by the simple fact of being who they are, without having any medical knowledge or expertise. The reason? You pay them for it.

With this joke, Sophie has wanted to warn of the real dangers that lurk behind this type of publications. For its part, Instagram has already done his thing by hiding this kind of posts to users who are under age.