The actor has forgotten about Miley Cyrus and this is his new girlfriend

New year, new life. And but tell that to Liam Hemsworth. With the 2020, australian actor, has entered a new decade, the past Monday, January 13, was 30 years old, and with this, has decided to leave behind their previous decade, and all that goes with it, willing to start from scratch.

After his divorce with Miley Cyrus after a decade together and 8 months of marriage, it is no secret that the worse off was Liam. The actor retreated to his home, Australia, and in your family and friends to overcome a breakup so hard and so media, a fact that did not facilitate the things.

However, it appears that Liam Hemsworth has been recovered from the mal de amores, as has rebuilt her life together to the model australian of 21 years, Gabriella Brooks.

The actor and the model maintained a stable relationship for a few months. It was in December when the rumors about a possible engagement began to ring, and now, thanks to a few romantic images, the rumors have been confirmed.

In early December, the couple was photographed next to the parents of the actor, a sign that he gave to understand that theirs was seriously, to be presented the model at the nearest environment of Liam. Sources close to the actor claim that his family approves of the relationship and that the young model I like it a lot, something that is very important to him.

A week ago, the cameras captured the couple enjoying a beach day in Byron Bay (Australia), and her loving attitude they betrayed. The same source close, he returned to ensure that Liam Hemsworth is very interested in Gabriella Brooks although he is taking it easy.

Gabriella Brooks it is a model australian, features very sweet, who has worked for several modeling agencies of high prestige. In addition, she also ended a long relationship recently, with singer Matt Healy of the alternative rock group, The 1975.

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