The actress wept because his friends planted it at her bachelorette party


Jennifer Lawrence is happy to scream his love for Cooke Maroney and be assured it is more than ready to reach the altar, however, it has not been all honey on pancakes, because recently all her friends failed him and none of it presented to your bachelorette party, although the actress confessed that she was the culprit.

Indecision gripped Lawrence and he had told all his BFF that he did not want to have this celebration prior to their marriage, however, “last time I thought: ‘I’m going to do!’”, shared the actress, 28 years old, in an interview for the podcast Naked with Catt Sadler.

The protagonist of the saga The Hunger Games had no qualms in admitting that he could not help but cry, realizing that none of her friends could attend your bachelorette party, due to the haste with which it advises. “No one was available, because I told them at the last moment, then I started to cry and in reality I never knew very well why.

“I also was never clear whether he really wanted a bachelorette party, I think that only I was pathetic”, he added the actress, which quickly Cooke he replied, “by God, you do not have to feel that way”. Touched, the histrión reviró that has been his only “moment of bridezella” during the planning of your wedding.

Not counting the disaster of the bachelorette, the rest of the agenda in marriage Jennifer it has been easy, because after you commit in February with the director of an art gallery, already found the ideal place to come to the altar, and most important of all, he managed to pick your dress for the important date.