The ‘anthem’ of the coronavirus of Cardi B all ‘sing’, El Siglo de Torreón


After that the coronavirus Covid-19 became the topic of the moment in almost all countries of the world, Cardi B came through their social networks to give your point of view.

As characterized, Cardi came out with his charisma and euphoric behavior by saying that what happens is a real issue.

“Coronavirus, coronavirus”, korea between screams.

After posting the video, thousands of internet users all over the world began to share and to ‘sing’ the word of the disease as she did so.

“Karanavarus, karanavirus”, wrote some of those who shared.

Dj Snake, a popular creator of music that took the extract of your voice and created a remix in an electronic version, so that other djs have made their own versions, even in hip-hop.