The dark side of the stars… uncovered (Part II)

Second part of the report it relates the hidden side of the stars of the sport. Christian, Thorpe, Serena WIlliams or Armstrong pass by divn. Read the first part of the report

Before you to be the person ms dear of Spain Andrs Iniesta revealed that pas through a process of depression. “I had a stage pretty dodgy between 2009 and 2010 before south africa. The reason it’s not what it was, but went into a depression that I left very touched.” That ‘ s, you acknowledge that the cure came within the field: “The World, beyond the goal, gave me life.”

The risk of getting so high it is proportional to the effect of the statements, policies, or social in public opinion. Yelena Isinbayeva, great dominating of the jump with prtiga during the first dcada of the TWENTIETH century, apoy policy ‘anti-homosexual’ with some statements very polmicas. “If we allow gay people to promote and do all this in the street estaramos very concerned about our country, because we consider ourselves normal people”.

But oh no it was the russians, not dud in positioning in favor of the decisions of Putin. “We are deeply against it (homosexuality). We are against the publicity in our country. Support to our government”, will despach the winner of three medals olmpicas.

Wade in puddles is usually the specialty of the house when you feel (or will feel) that you’re above it all. The ego increases every da in this type of ‘gods’ of the sport and stimulates the ability to issue bravado. Are celebrated phrases of Cristiano Ronaldo after receiving some kind of crtica. “Be because I am handsome, rich and a great footballer, because I have envy. I don’t have another explanation”, he said the then Real Madrid player.

There are roosters that do not tolerate the crecimiendo of another cock next to her. It was the case of Lance Armstrong with the arrival of the young Alberto Contador. During the Tour de France 2009 the madrileo ‘I’ forward in the race to the american who then accused the own Counter evil companion. “Ok, gunman,” he said in a tone irnico. The cyclist Spanish recount later that Armstrong will came alone and solt: “Don’t fuck me (fuck me)”.

On the other hand, the maturity causes some ‘niato’ engredo to become a gentleman in every rule. This is the case of Roger Federer. “It was a wild,” said the swiss of s same the book ‘Years of Glory’. A character explosive, rackets broken or lack of respect for their coaches represent Federer in his early days. Ace shares an experience with Sergi Bruguera in the tournament Conde de God of the ao 2000: “Entr to the court without the ms at least a hint of respect for l. Not respected him. She thought that he was going to win easily and ahab losing 6-1 and 6-1. He was a champion of Roland Garros and subestim. Went into panic and no saba what to do and on top of that game they were showing on Eurosport”.

The young promise came to feel “ashamed” of their behavior and particularly remembers a party with the polmico Safin. “Every one behaved worse than the other. On the screens of the track ensearon the images. First l, then I, then l, and new yo. I sent deeply embarrassed”.

Serena Williams is another expert in getting into the inside of a tennis court because of his evil lose. Surely, the situation ms polmica occurred at the US Open 2009 when the small of the sisters I suffered the crossing of cables ms big that reminds on the WTA Tour. The sealizarle a lack of foot lanz furious against the judge of line: “Small, fat, chinita. I’ll kill you… I swear by God that I’m going to grab this ball and I’m going to make you swallow you hear me?... as you lose this set vendr for you”. I received a fine of 10,000 dollars, the ms grande to that given in the entire history of the circuit.

But oh no it was everything. In the final of the US Open in 2018 before Osaka the character of Serena I broke out in a clash with the chair umpire. The player was penalized after receiving information from the stands and estall against the arbitrator to call him “ladrn”. In the press conference after there is no repentance, but rather the opposite: “There are many men here who have said many things, and as they are men, it is not the same”.

His particular hell vivi Nikola Karabatic because of the betting. The chosen three times as the best player of handball on the planet, he was sentenced to two months of crcel (did not reach underfoot) after being considered guilty of fraud and of having carried out fraud while defense the colors of Montpellier. Was shown that the wife of the player had wagered in the rest of the party with substantial earnings to be an unlikely outcome.

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