the demand of your expempleada deaf


Accustomed to see her always with an emphasis on your image is more supportive with humanitarian initiatives, it is surprising the latest information about the actress Angelina Jolie.

A exempleada call his Antoinette Abbamonte, which is suffering from the problem of deafness, has sued the former of Brad Pitt alleging that he felt humiliated during the time that he worked alongside her.

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Angelina hired Antoinette Abbamonte between 2016 and 2019 to teach the american sign language to two of their six children.

Abbamonte is 54 years old and works as a producer and film actress. During your stay with the actress, says that this treated like “a second class citizen while she is shown as a good person before the world.” In addition to claims that Jolie insisted on repeatedly asking if he could listen to music and dance, knowing that he was deaf, a gesture which the plaintiff interpreted as a clear intention to humiliate her: “It was offensive and ignorant”.

Angelina Jolie, in a file image. (EFE)
Angelina Jolie, in a file image. (EFE)

In addition to portray Jolie as a person insensitive and a little empathic, Antoinette Abbamonte ensures that the actress stole her idea of a superhero deaf for the film ‘the Eternals’ of Disney and Marvel, which will be released in November of 2020.

Earlier this year, the attorney Abbamonte sent a letter of formal complaint to the legal team Jolie, alleging theft of intellectual property. The letter says: “it Seems that you apropiaste of the idea of the superhero who is deaf Antoinette and the comercializaste along with Marvel Studios and Disney without compensating Antoinette”.

Angelina Jolie and her six children in a file photo. (EFE)
Angelina Jolie and her six children in a file photo. (EFE)

The exempleada of Jolie ensures that they are interested in his life as a deaf person suddenly: “he Began to ask all of the questions that have never seemed interested before, and began to act in a fun way”. He adds that Jolie and her children “always ask me what movies I like and we were discussing”.

Now believed that everything was part of a predetermined plan to steal your idea. Account Abbamonte that when he learned of the existence of ‘The Eternals’, asked the actress how she had been able to happen that your idea is now reflected in a film, which Jolie responded, as he says: “The universe works in mysterious ways”.