The documentary that portrays the life of Michael Hutchence of INXS

Photo: Netflix

Netflix premiered the documentary on Michael Hutchencethe singer INXSand adds one more piece to the handful of music documentaries that offers your platform. As almost all, this is a film tabloid, focused on a figure quite forgotten by the popular culture.

Mystify: Michael Hutchence it is directed by Richard Lowenstein, a friend of Hutchence. This is obvious when we see that the film is a homage to constant to the figure of Hutchence, with the clear line of deflect rumors that you liked to the press of the 90 on the death of the singer australian.

Of unruly hair, and seductive, with strong interests in literature, of fine sensibility and owner of a great hedonism: so we know Michael Hutchence from the look of Lowenstein and the interviewees. The idea of the different artist, of a rara avis within this fast-fauna becomes the central point, to paint the life of the singer. Everything looks a armed of causes to get to the point in which Hutchence is removed from the life: their sensitivity, the accident that suffers in Copenhagen, relations, tortuous, drugs, and depression, make a path that leads directly to suicide in a hotel room in the middle of a tour in 1997. Thus, the well-known rumors about his death by hipoxifilia, or autoasfixia erotic, are not mentioned at all.

Photo: Netflix

As well as the title says, the film is about Michael Hutchence: INXS is in the background, it becomes one more element of what is described as a singular existence, even to receive less treatment than their various romantic relationships. Even so, great classics such as “Never Tear Us Apart” and “Mystify” walking down the tape, reminding us of where to lay the magnetism of the artist with a performance in the style Mick Jagger. The boy rebel who would go crazy in the scenarios captures the viewer in the first part of the film, and then leave space to a man taciturn. Abound the file images filmed by the same Hutchence.

The chronology of the life of Hutchence story is told, in fact, in a close relationship with their girlfriends. The stage of courtship with the singer Kylie Minogue occupies an important point in the narrative. It defined the hedonism of the australian in the following way: “sex, love, food, drugs, music, travel, books… I Wanted to try everything.”

Mystify: Michael Hutchence travels in the life of the singer as it promises but it is perhaps his insistence on the uniqueness of your figure what that ends up creating a reverse effect to that of idolatry. Of course, queen also look sympathetic to the tormented and painting human of the idol.

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