The error in the commercial of Nike with Serena Williams using Puma


Photo: (Special/EXPRESS).

MEXICO CITY.- Counted as athletes forge a decent career that brands fight for sponsorship.

One of them is Serena Williams, whose record in tennis is understood to be almost unattainable in the open era.

Among all those who would like to that the us sported their logo on their clothing, only Nike has that privilege and, for obvious reasons, seeks to exploit his image at the international level.

That is why, in its latest commercial, called ‘Can’t Stop Us’ the mark of the popcorn included in a starring role to the 23 times winning a Grand Slamalongside athletes of the calibre of LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal,Cristiano Ronaldo or Naomi Osaka.

All good, except for one detail.

The first shot of the smallest of the Williams the sample with a wrist strap Pumathat highlights to it is a first level in which you use your arm to wipe the sweat from his face.

Does the explanation?

Simple: the picture is from 2003, when Serena just started to dominate the WTA circuit and it represented to the German mark.

Several users noted the ‘error’ right away, and scoffed.

Some, on the contrary, assured me that this was a strategy to make noise and the trade to take a media power in addition to the athletes mentioned above will provide by themselves.