The face of Adele was transformed completely after losing weight and these pictures show the incredible change


Adele has surprised his fans with how much he has slimmed down since last year up to date, and it seems another.

Since I decided to lead a healthier life for your good and that of his son, the singer has toned down more than 70 pounds, transforming his body completely.

But, not only your body has changed, his face has also lived through the change, and is that you now have less cheeks than before and looks more streamlined.

Recently, he published a picture in which it looks completely different, and no doubt his face is not the same.

So was the face of Adele, before weight loss

The singer has always had a face stunning and beautiful, but before losing weight I was about cheekbones pronounced, the jowls, and of course his features were more coarse.

This is the face of Adele now

Now, the british singer has cheekbones much thinner, has no dewlap, and has a lip thicker than before.

Of course it remains just as beautiful, but a lot of their fans claim that your face changed too much and lost its essence.

“I liked most the Adele of before as it was”, “your face is another and I do not like”, “wow is that is another it’s incredible”, “how we changed the face, it seemed to me more beautiful before”, and “lost its essence, I prefer to to the of before”, are some of the comments that are read in networks.

However, they form part of your transformation in this new and healthy life you have chosen, and the most important thing is to be happy and to feel good about herself.

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