The fortune of the son of Will Smith who dropped out of school


What happened?

With only 21 years, Jaden Smith you can brag about having a millionaire accumulated wealth, thanks to his work in the entertainment industry.

Having started his artistic career at such a young age, he has enabled the son of Will Smith, profit by their own merit at large scales. Despite his controversial decisions as it was drop out of high school in 2013.

The singer stands out for being present in several branches of the entertainment world, so your accumulated wealth are increasing each day so has not taken out new material record. A report in the portal The Thing reveals that the sum of net money for the artist was $ 8 million, achieved in the following businesses:


Smith is the winner of a platinum disc, thanks to the sale of his song, “Icon”, whose figures passed the million copies sold in the united States.

With this song, the young artist has performed in prestigious music festivals and crowded concerts where calls to thousands of fans who enjoy their music.

Before being signed by the record label Roc Nation, Jaden had already created a separate company, called MSFTSMusic, that although this meant that she would not receive any support to the budgets and the work of promotion, Jaden was able to keep all of the proceeds of the sales, because he was his own boss.


Jaden is a fan of the textile industry, that is why he founded his own fashion company and his participation in events related to the latest trends of clothes are frequent.

Recently he was part of a campaign for Levi’s, where she posed next to the wife of his friend Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber.

Water company

Smith is an activist of the nature from some years ago. That is why it has dedicated to funding environmental projects, and along with his father, created the company JUST Water, that sells water bottles made from recycled material. 5 years after founding, the company offers large profits for the year and is valued at approximately $ 100 million.

Film and Television

The artist’s career was born with his father on the big screen with the movie “pursuit of Happiness”, where they wowed an audience which then saw with good eyes her starring in the remake of Karate Kid in 2009. For that movie, Jaden of just 12 years, claimed 1 million dollars.

Years later he was part of the cast of the series The Get Down was released in 2016 via Netflix, and then was cancelled by the millionaire budget that I had.

Attitude towards money

Despite all the business where Jaden Smith is present, her father revealed in an interview your child is a person who refuses to be “slave to money”:

“The is the other end of the spectrum. And it’s so interesting to me that as we grow in that space, he could see the need for things in a way that is rejecting it. He says: ‘I’m Not going to let myself need things in that way, but I would like to get another pair of shoes’. Has three pair of pants and five shirts,” said the protagonist of the Prince of the Rap in the year 2015.