The model Cara Delevingne charge against Justin Bieber for his hypocrisy


Justin Bieber continues to be the protagonist of the last few hours and not just to receive praise. The canadian artist continues to receive criticism from important figures u.s. and the last in wanting to do it has been the model Cara Delevingne, who wanted to respond to the artist’s defending Taylor Swift.

The singer elected to the three best friends of his wife

The story comes from far away, as you it was the last year when the american artist decided to undertake a ‘war’ against the famous manager of Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun. At that time, and with reason, of the rights of the songs of this, we initiated a dilemma in which around the world had to support one or the other.

The fire was rekindled a few days ago when Justin Bieber visited the programme, James Corden and had to order from most to least favorite to the friends of his wife. “Kendall, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne,” said the canadian before explaining the reasons for the order: “I have not spent so much time with Gigi and I have not spent much time with Face. I don’t have anything against them”.

Bieber blocked to the model

However, it seems that the model was not happy with the response and decided to answer him stirring up all the controversy again: “If you don’t have anything against me, why don’t you unlock? I love you, Hailey Bieber, but you should have eaten the p*** of bull”.

The publication, in the profile of the own model, has caused real sensation in the last hours, accumulating over two million likes. Cara Delevingne has wanted to with this publication, criticizing the hypocrisy shown by the star canadian in these latest statements. In addition, they also did it with a picture of both coinciding during a parade Victoria’s Secret when kept better relationship.

The relationship of both distanced himself at the time that Bieber decided to support his representative with his wife, calling it “knight”, something that the model did not hesitate to criticize also defending Taylor Swift and charging hard against Justin Bieber, saying that “as a married man, you should support women in time of destrozarlas because you feel threatened”.