“The next is my favorite album”


Photo: By George Skidmore

The next year Metallica will fulfill 40 years of existence and, despite four decades of hard work, Lars Ulrich believes that the best is yet to come for the group.

In a made video chat along with Rob Dietrich, the new head of the distillation of whiskey from Metallica, Blackened, the drummer said: “it Always seems that we’re just beginning. It forty fucking years! Yes, it’s crazy. Here we are, in 2020, so I guess next year is the 40th anniversary”.

“There are all these clichés, ‘the age is just a state of mind’, but since then there’s a part of me that still feels that the best years are to come. I guess it’s more like I always thought,” reflected the dane.

Photo: Instagram of @larsulrich

Act followed, Ulrich continued:

“I can not spend a lot of time in the past or going through the lanes of the memory. Obviously, when people like you and I talked or if I’m doing interviews or whatever, I can look at the past, but when I’m not doing that, I spend most of my time in the future, [enfocándome] in what lies ahead of you”.

With respect to what the future holds for the legends of thrash metal, Lars is encouraged to confess that he feels that the best creations of the group are those that are to come.

“People ask me ‘What is your favorite album of Metallica?’. I feel something like ‘do you Know what? The next is my favorite album of Metallica’. So I always look forward,” he acknowledged.

“It was a great trip until now. Will celebrate forty years in 2021 and I am simply grateful to James (Hetfield), Kirk (Hammett) and Rob (Trujillo) and grateful for this incredible journey. I feel that, in a sense peculiar, we are approaching more and more among us. I guess the social networks, the way in which we connect today with the fans, to continue touring around the world, the spirit and the way in which we connect with the fans it feels more and more pure, and more transparent, and more and more honest. Simply to leave everything out there. I love the social networks. I love the fact that you and I can sit here and do this. And for me rock and roll is really about connecting with other people,” he said.

After taking stock of the successful tour of presentation of the last project of Metallica, Are Hardwired… To Self-Destructpublished four years ago, the musician made it very clear his opinion: “I Just feel that we’re connecting on a more intimate level than ever before. So, as I said, we expect newly be started.”