“The one who said that I’m gay, that I pay to the bride”


Some time ago that it is talking about the sexual orientation of Maluma. The rumors about if it is homosexual or not increased when he performed a duet with Ricky Martin with the song Vente pa ca, reaching to give up sharing the stage in the same concert to avoid the gossip. Now they have again put into question that the colombian likes women and he has responded in such a way that it is generating some controversy.

Maluma has maintained a relationship of two years with the model Natalia Barulich, a relationship that has been fairly low-key and in which they have published a few photos together. The engagement ended late last year but remain good friends.

Maluma and his girlfriend, Natalia Barulích

Maluma and his girlfriend, Natalia Barulích

The fact that Maluma no longer go out with Natalia Barulich has led many to believe that his theory that the engagement with the model was a lid it was true. That’s why they re-released rumors questioning the sexuality of the artist.

And although Maluma does not usually get in this type of bretes, it seems that has been tired of staying quiet and has decided to speak. And of course, the topic is a delicate thing depending on how you tap, and the answer that Maluma has taken on social networks has not liked many.



“The people are very stupid, isn’t it? Whether… Or, how, why do you say that I’m gay? If you were gay, I would have said” begins by saying in a video posted on the Stories from your Instagram that has already been captured and viralizado in the rest of networks.

That said I am gay, that I pay to the bride a momentico to see what’s so gay… Oh man, what’s that make me laugh!”, stated in its publication. And of course, the comments that you are producing are worthy of reading.


And is that the way to deny your homosexual it is somewhat derogatory, giving to understand that it is insulting to that catalogue of gay. With this message, Maluma has done no more than make enemies with these words, reaffirm its view that the colombian himself is gay.