The personal trainer from Adele talks about her drastic weight change


Adele it is one of the singers most famous and beloved of the pop scene today, and one of the artists with the highest sales in the world. His powerful vocal and his lyrics honest have made his career shine from the beginning by his total sinlessness. However, in recent times, Adele has called the attention of the media, especially due to an issue totally unrelated to the music: its progressive loss of weight.

Six months after it announced her divorce with Simon Konecki the singer reappeared with a figure rather more stylized and since then, has not stopped weight loss. The last sample, and the more shocking, your new image, came last Tuesday by reason of his 32 birthdaywhen Adele posted on Instagram a photograph in which came out with a short black dress appearing virtually unrecognizable. In a few hours, the new and significant decrease of weight of the singer copaba the conversation on social networks.

And now, your personal coach and ultimately responsible for its stupendous physical change, has referred to the personal process of the singer and has been defended as the “negative comments and accusations of gordofobia that put into question the genuineness of his incredible weight loss.” In a long post published on Instagram, Peter Geracimo has reviewed in detail the path of the interpreter:

“In my personal experience of working with her through many ups and downs, she has always gone at their own pace and under their own terms. Never downplayed the talent that given by God in any way. Let her amazing voice take over talking for her, or should I say, singing for her! He has never pretended to be something it was not. What veíais was what I had. And all LOVED him“begins the text of Geracimo.

The coach then goes on to explain that, when he began working with the singer, the intent was never that you had just “super thin”, but that would put “more healthy”. The change of diet and exercise helped that, prior to the tour that followed the release of ’25’, Adele has already experienced a significant drop in pounds. And later, when he moved to Los Angeles, Geracimo it has been reported that “went through a series of personal changes are difficult” and, as always happens in these situations, these came from the hand of wanting to change things yourself.

“I could not be more proud and more happy for it! This metamorphosis is not to sell albums, for advertising or to become a model to follow. What is doing by it and by Angelo” (his little son). The coach concludes its applauded message ensuring that it expected that “the people appreciate the hard work that Adele has done to better itself for its own benefit and the benefit of his family”, and remember that your “personal transformation has nothing to do with you or me, but with Adele and how you want to live your life.”